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Our portolio of services - supporting you at any stage of your development.

Management Systems

Management Systems at the core of any effective business

Management Systems

An effective Business Management System is an excellent tool for managing and improving any organisation. We can provide a full range of support:

  • a single audit,
Health & Safety
Medical Devices
Risk Management
Business Excellence
Investors in People
  • specific improvements,
  • audit corrective actions,
  • recovery or management of your internal audit programme,
  • failed external audit turnarounds,
  • full project management of a new system or overhaul of the system.

We will review and report against all relevant Customer and regulatory requirements.

We’re hand’s on so we will also help you correct any identified non-compliance.

We can also provide management / workforce training on any aspect of these systems.


Automotive Core Tools

We will apply any combination of your own New Product Introduction, OEMs processes or standard AIAG APQP / PPAP processes as required to ensure satisfactory parts submissions.

New Product Introduction
Core Tools


We can provide practical training around other core tools: FMEA, SPC, MSA.


Quality Management Services

We can provide a full interim quality management service or support you with specific improvement / quality initiatives to:

Quality Management
Problem Resolution
Variability Reduction
Control Plans
  • facilitate team activities to resolve and respond to quality issues,
  • liaise with customers and suppliers as a representative of your organisation,
  • lead general quality improvement activities with your workforce,
  • provide specialist support for variability reduction and apply six-sigma tools where appropriate.

The tools are a start point only - all activity will be adapted to suit the specific needs of the situation.


Business Improvement

We will support all your business improvement endeavours with a structured programme which broadly covers:

Workplace improvement
Visual Management
Waste Reduction
Value Stream Mapping
  1. business needs statement;
  2. assessment against current best practices;
  3. proposal and resource requirement including
  4. management review and nomination of local champion;
  5. a phased plan with clear milestones and measures;
  6. management / workforce training;
  7. implementation and change management;
  8. ongoing review.

Once your business needs are defined, we will carry out all necessary background investigations and identify relevant internal and external resources.  We will bring it all togther into a coherent managed package.

Management Team Support

Support to Teams
Business Strategy
Team Development
Performance Management
Supplier Development

We can provide strategic support to your management team focusing on specific problems or improvement issues or facing wider business development. Our expertise and experience in helping people from all walks is an effective complement to unlocking knowledge and skills within your organisation. We will empower managers with through workshops, individual coaching and personal target setting. Our creative approach will cut through blocks holding back your organisation.

We can provide an objective perspective on the dynamics within your organisation based on review, observation and analysis.

Our support can be extended to your suppliers where necessary.

Creative Challenge

Are you upto the challenge to make a creative change

What is this creative challenge and what makes it any different to any other personal or business challenge?  Where does creativity come into it?

In short the, challenges you are facing are no different to any other.

The difference lies in the approach.  Creativity in this business context is simply an openness to possiblity.  Solutions exist.  The key lies in asking the right questions and calm reflection to allow answers to emerge.

As advocates of everyday creativity, we will help you face the difficult questions and coach your staff through a creative approach.

The first question is, are you ready for the change?

How do you know?  What will you do about it?