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What is important to us



Anyone associated with creativation Ltd demonstrates an appropriate level of competence to achieve the highest delivery standards. Trust and confidence can only be earned through the right customer care and attention to detail. These standards apply at all times and beyond the customer encounter.


Whether we realise or not, we are all driven by some purpose at individual and organisational level. This gives us meaning and needs to be understood and respected if our work together is to add anything.


Effective listening is at the core of any working relationship. We will strive to gain a full understanding of customer's needs before introducing any change. Every situation presents challenges and choices for change, but there will always be a solution. Every choice carries consequences. Our role is simply to fire your imagination and draw out your creative options.


All activity at any level can be considered part of a process with a beginning, middle and end. Real processes, however are not linear and thinking in circles encourages a broader perspective.


Thinking and talking amounts to little if there is no action. A challenging approach is necessary to overcome established norms that no longer serve. We challenge others because we can draw on similar experiences and as such demonstrate by our own example.